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Purpose: Repurpose the historic structure into a new center for the arts.

Brief: Reusing Chiesa Diruta, “The Fallen Church”, is a blend between restoring and repurposing Grotole’s beloved relic. While its new function as a performance theatre meets the town’s contemporary demand, the proposed architecture reflects a rich ecclesiastical language. The majority of the historic shell is preserved and maintained, and an iconic Corten barrel vault encapsulates a new lofty volume below. The original church doorway is reused as the main entrance with a matching metal door. A 150-person performance theatre infills the upper space, and a reception area along with supporting spaces occupy the level below. The theatre space is illuminated with ample light through the use of translucent corrugated polycarbonate windows. The voluminous space and ethereal lighting provoke a multi-sensory experience filled with spherical angles and curious shadowing.



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